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DefenAge Skincare

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evidence-based, revolutionary technology

Scientific research shows that a peptide, defensin, can reprogram our body to make skin visibly younger and younger every day. Scientists implemented this authentic revolutionary invention in DefenAge’s formulas that were tested and proven in rigorous clinical studies.DefenAgeCan your skin naturally turn back the clock? According to a new study...YES!

Our technology is patent-pending, exclusively available inatDefenAge, does not belong to the growth factor category and can be combined with almost any skin care regimen.


study shows that skin can naturally turn back the clock

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Multi-center placebo-controlled double-blind clinical study shows that DefenAge’s Clinical Power Trio “globally improves the visual appearance of aging skin” and “offers most of the advantages of time-honored retinols as well as newer but widely used growth-factor containing cosmeceuticals, without irritation or inflammation, sun-sensitivity, or concerns about neoplasia of the treated skin.”

Journal of Drugs in Dermatology 2018, 17(4): p. 426-441Amy Taub MD, Vivian Bucay MD, Gregory Keller MD, Jay WilliamsPhD, and Darius Mehregan MD

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