RevitaPen Pro


  • For all skin types

  • No downtime, ideal for busy lifestyles painless

  • Noninvasive can be used from head to toe to treat skin concerns

What You Will Notice

  • Plump, luminous complexion

  • Improved firmness and elasticity 

  • Improved texture with a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles

  • Increased hydration and softness

  • Visible reduction in pore size and blemishes

  • Improved evenness of skin tone and reduction in age spots/hyperpigmentation

What You Can Expect

After cleansing, an effective treatment serum is applied, followed by the RevitaPen Pro device, driving actives deep into your skin for enhancing production absorption. A customized mask is then created to seal ingredients in, followed by hydration and sun protection. At the completion of the facial, your skin will be immediately smooth and radiant.

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