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Authentic Skin Remedies

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Nourish your skin the way nature intended with toxin-free, plant-based products

Did you know most skin care products contain toxic chemicals with proven, direct links to cancers, infertility, hormone disruption, endocrine disturbers, autoimmune issues, and birth defects?

When our founder – cancer survivor Amy Kearnan – discovered how toxic most beauty products really are, she spoke up and took action. Amy worked with a botanical chemist, whose family created concentrated plant formulations for more than 100 years, to develop Authentic Skin Remedies.

With Authentic Skin Remedies, clients enjoy a beauty regime founded on concentrated plant-based botanicals with as many certified organic ingredients as possible. Absolutely no toxins are used and all products are vegan, cruelty-free and paraben free. The next best part? Our products provide noticeable anti-aging results and nourishing benefits that help common skin and body imbalances such as acne, rosacea 
and eczema. 


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